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Skill Testing Centre (PVT) Ltd

The Skill Testing Centre (Pvt) Ltd, is a well established employment testing centre providing a portfolio of services to the locals of Sri lanka. It is situated in a convenient location which is in close proximity to the city of Colombo.

Our tests and training services are done by well qualified and experienced professionals who have a proven track record in the industry. The services we offer vary upon a large number of categories. The candidate who successfully completes the training and testing assessments would be awarded a certificate which indicates specific grades upon their skills and abilities. Beyond doubt it is evident that the certificates we offer are recognized locally and overseas.

The company had grown in an immense manner within a few years and we hope to be pioneers in the industry by the years to come. Our future plans are primarily focused on upgrading and improving the training methodologies, training tools, equipment and other necessary aspects which would prepare the candidates according to the requirements of the employing firm. All the candidates would be assessed in a personal manner while the data obtained on each specific client would be recorded in a computerized system. This would enable prompt clarifications if needed by the employing firm.

  • Air Condition

  • Electrical

  • Mechanical

  • Driving

  • Computer

  • Electronic

  • Hotel / Hospitality / Tradesman

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